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Hybrid Solutions for Electrical & Thermal Generation & Storage.

Hybrid Solar Panel

The two-in-one solution. Cost Efficient & Space Saving.

Hybrid Heat Pump System

Ecological A+++ Heating. Cooling Systems & Hot Water

HeatSource Mechanical Engineers Ltd

An amalgamation of two accomplished heating, plumbing, engineering companies, with a combined industry experience of over 70 years.
An alliance which brings together the latest technologies in hybrid heating and electrical, generation and storage.
Working in partnership with award-wining industry leaders, HeatSource supply and install systems which are efficient, ecologically sound and require less real estate.


The Best Solar Technology for Industry.

Design, installation and supply of Abora Solar PV/T panels. The most efficient panel in the world.
Not only does this panel produce hot water, it also produces electricity at around 380 Watts per panel.
No other panel available on the market today has such efficiency.
Whether you have a small or large domestic, commercial or industrial property, we can design, install or supply.

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Sport Centres
  • Spas
  • Nursing Homes
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming Pools
  • Camping Sites
  • Public Houses

Take a Survey

Please let us know about your solar requirements by filling out this survey.

In preparation for the survey, the following information is required.

  • The last twelve months figures of your electricity/gas bills or alternative fuel source (eg. Biomass)
  • Pictures of any existing installation, electrical and gas meter, heating hot water storage and gas/Biomass boiler installation.
  • Notes eg. vehicle charging points, Export Application in place, Planning permission granted or applied for.

The more information you provide will facilitate us in modelling your project with accurate pay back and investment costs.

More information regarding an Export Application can be found on the National Grid website (Opens in a new window)

Proudly Working With


The most cost-effective solar panel in the world.
Abora Solar designs, develops and manufactures the world’s most cost-effective solar panel with an efficiency of 89%, achieving a certified world record. The hybrid solar panel with aHTech® technology produces the same energy as 4 photovoltaic panels.


Increasingly efficient and reliable heating systems
The history of Sime is characterised by the constant search for new solutions to respond to the "warmth need" with efficiency and attention to the environment. This natural attitude has resulted in major investments in R&D that allowed the Company to achieve a lot of technical milestones and gain a position of technological leadership in the industry.
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For peace of mind, only use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer on Gas appliances.

Our Gas Safe Registration Number: 630009

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We work hard to provide a quality service for our customers and are proud of our reputation.

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10 Year Warranty

We are offering 10 year warranty on new boiler installations !

Contact us now for a free survey.

As one of the UK's most experienced specialist independent heating and boiler (gas and electric) installers, we provide a trusted and high quality service for all your heating requirements.
Our team of GAS SAFE (CORGI) registered engineers undertake all types of breakdown repairs quickly and efficiently including fault finding and diagnostic solutions.

We design and install complete systems and can also repair or upgrade your existing system as required.

We can carry out a heating survey on your system to determine if you are getting the maximum efficiency and are not wasting money on heating the sky!

Based in Chertsey we cover all surrounding areas of Surrey, Middlesex and Berkshire.

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